Associate of Science in Computer Science

Associate of Science in Computer Science

Gain the skills to develop algorithms using computational theory and modern operating systems.

About the program

The Associate of Science in Computer Science equips students with the required technical skills to be successful in today’s computer-driven world. The program teaches students how to develop algorithms using computational theory and modern operating systems. Graduates of this program will acquire skills in the following areas: programming, database management, software development, and web development.

Associates of Science in Computer Science

Program objectives

The Associates in Computer Science program provides students with the ability to improve organizational oeperations, secure information systems, and provide technology-based solutions in the field of computer science. This programs allows students to build a foundaltional knowledge in systems management, database administration, and computer programming.
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What you’ll learn

In this program, you will learn the programming skills needed to fill the in-demand roles in the Computer Science industry. This program focuses on software development, while emphasizing the importance of the professional, ethical, and social responsibilities of utilizing software systems.

Courses List 60 Credits
(ENC 120) English Composition I 3
(ENV 301) Environmental Science 3
(PHI 410) Critical Thinking 3
(SOC 201) Sociology 3
(GEO 300) World Geography 3
(CAL 105) Pre-Calculus 3
(ARH 250) Art History 3
(SPC 360) Oral Communication 3
(CSC 100) Introduction to Computer Science 3
(CAL 205) Calculus 3
(CSC 105) Programming Fundamentals I 3
(CSC 110) Principles of Computer Organization 3
(CSC 115) System Analysis and Design 3
(CSC 120) Programming Language 3
(CSC 125) Operating Systems 1 3
(CSC 130) Security Essentials 3
(CSC 200) Database Systems 3
(CSC 205) Programming Fundamentals II 3
(CSC 210) Introduction to Java 3
(CSC 215) Introduction to C++ 3


  • Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  • Recognize credible sources of information relevant to the field of computer science.
  • Understand computer science theory and software development fundamentals.
  • Describe computing-based solutions to meet computing requirements in the context of computer science.
  • Identify complex computing problems and apply applicable computer science principles to identify solutions.


Prospective students interested in pursuing an Associates Degree at URBE University should be aware of the program's tuition and fees. The total program cost for this degree is $15,450.00 dollars, which includes all tuition, fees, and other related expenses. The cost per credit is $250 dollars, and the program requires a total of 60 credits to complete. Students are to purchase course textbooks on their own. Other fees associated with the program amount to $350 dollars, and students are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $100 dollars.

Tuition & Fees
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